Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Planting is going on here at the farm.  The beds have been prepared for planting and early greens have been planted.  Today a family of working share are coming to plant potatoes.  Peas will follow shortly.  There are just a few more shares to sell for the season.  It is busy and will get busier - spring is exciting!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

                                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR

Hope you are having a good winter. 

·        This is the 6th season of the Blue Barrel Farm CSA.  Over 30 years of experience growing vegetables and fruits using organic methods
·        This is a small farm which grows all vegetables, herbs and fruits using organic methods of no herbicides, no pesticides, and crop rotation.
·        Prices for the 22 week growing season starting in early June:
Small – quantity for 2-3 -  $255 – medium share delivered every other week.
Medium – quantity for 3-4 - $495
Large – quantity for 5-6 - $690
·        Prices include delivery to homes and businesses in Fort Collins.  Vegetables are placed in your cooler on your front porch or at your business.  Pick up at the farm - discount of $10.
·        Raspberries, apples and eggs are sold for an additional charge when available.
·        If the week’s harvest is more than is needed for the shares, a delivery is made to the Larimer County Food Bank.  If you are out of town for a delivery date your share can be delivered to the Food Bank upon request.
·        October farm celebration pizza party using seasonal vegetables in the wood fired pizza oven

To sign up contact bluebarrelfarm

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank You!

Dear Everyone in the Blue Barrel Farm Shareholder Family,

Thank you for participating in this wonderful 2014 growing season. Yes, our garden may be freezing and wilting with the cold temperatures, but our hearts are still filled with the warmth of the many blessings we have received over the last few months We were blessed by amazing weather, beautiful produce, and YOU!

We are also happy to announce that our final total for produce donations to the Larimer County Food Bank was 210 pounds! Thank you for helping make this possible.

Hope to see you next year!